Revolutionising the transport industry with
Overnight Express Delivery

Time Link Cargo is a leading logistics service provider.
We deliver comprehensive supply chain solutions by ensuring that our own resources and technology are efficient and professional. In essence we manage, integrate and provide a comprehensive supply chain solution to our clients from manufacture, to local distribution centres, right to the customer.

We are very proud of our modern and well-maintained vehicles, trailers and depot facilities which enable us to ensure proper control over our drivers and management systems that provide us with accurate, online information on vehicle movements.

Our well-maintained operating fleet which is kept up-to-date with manufacturing improvements that allow for improved fuel consumption, extended service intervals, and greater payload achievements. All of our loads are expertly supervised by our staff to ensure the correct cargo is loaded and properly secured for the journey ahead, whilst our well-maintained vehicles enable us to offer cost effective and efficient delivery of goods, creating an industry benchmark.



Always delivering the goods

Time link Cargo Dedicated Contracts specialises in diversified contract distribution nationally, providing our clients with customised solutions that are tailor-made to suit your specific requirements. Dedicated Contracts is all about identifying our clients’ needs and developing a cost-effective distribution solution that will create a seamless flow of delivery from end-to-end. We offer expert, diversified contract distribution nationally, including primary transportation, secondary transportation, warehousing consolidation, distribution and other logistical requirements. Time Link Cargo’s customised solutions are suited to the unique needs of our customers within various industries. We offer high services levels and shorter lead times, all at a cost suited to meet your budget and improve your bottom line. What’s more, we build flexibility and scalability into our solutions that are geared to meet your needs 24/7. We add value to your business by reducing risk and costs and still exceeding your supply chain requirements when it comes to storage, configuration and the delivery of your products. From the delivery of goods to managing your complex inbound supply chain Time Link Cargo utilises the necessary tools to improve the availability of your product.

The following important factors are considered when using the option of dedicated transport:
  • Analysing the requirements of the client and their needs.
  • Developing a cost-effective distribution strategy.
  • Providing vehicles that are specifically designed for the application.
  • Reducing costs without compromising on safety, quality and delivery efficiency.


Timelink Cargo has provided comprehensive multi-client, dedicated warehousing and value-added logistics services with a diverse portfolio of customers nationally through the years. At Time Link Cargo, we strive to continually improve and provide the best warehousing solutions coupled with superior customer service.