Green Initiative

Time Link Cargo is committed to ensuring a sustainable future for our planet and the generations to come. Our Green Strategy is geared to comply with and exceed environmental regulations, whilst we do all we can to reduce the consumption of natural resources, waste and pollution. Time Link Cargo is committed to only purchasing and consuming environmentally friendly products, and our recycling programme ensures less wastage and greater protection of the environment.

Our greening initiatives include:

  • Containing the environmental impact of our fleet.
  • Educating our employees about the environment and how to conserve it.
  • Ensuring that the products we use are environmentally friendly.
  • Monitoring and reducing the kilometres travelled by our fleet, ensuring that we eliminate wasted kilometres.
  • We are committed to ensuring that areas within the surroundings of all of our clients form part of our Green Strategy, allowing us to plant trees and other greenery as a token of our commitment to going green.
  • Our ongoing research and testing, together with Scania SA and SA Truck Bodies, to find ways in which to reduce fuel consumption on trucks and increase payload on trailers also results in the number of loads conveyed being reduced.

Reducing our carbon footprint

We are committed to reducing our carbon footprint by investing in the latest technology Scania trucks, with Euro 5 specifications, which run on diesel and additives. All oil utilised by the company is disposed of in the correct manner to ensure environmental protection, whilst the use of only Energy Saver tyres reduces our fleet’s fuel consumption. BP South Africa Cleaner Fuels is the only fuel used by Time Link Cargo.

Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Investment

Time Link Cargo is committed to being a responsible and contributing corporate company. As a business, we are well aware of the direct and indirect effect on the communities in which we operate. Our corporate social investment strategy is therefore designed to enhance the relationships between Time Link Cargo and the communities in which we operate, by ensuring their development and upliftment.

All of our CSI activities are underpinned by the principle of sustainability and we continuously strive to engage in activities that have a significant impact across a wide spectrum of social needs.

The Mitoo Foundation was therefore established to further enhance our Corporate Social Investment Strategy.

Being a responsible business means pursuing commercial success in ways that honour ethical values and respect. This is exactly what we aim to achieve, by making a difference where it counts.